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Work Outside of Training

As part of medical revalidation all doctors are required to declare and provide evidence of their entire scope of practice.

A lab technician in a blue gown standing at a desk, working on a computer.Whilst many doctors in training do not work in any additional roles to their training programme there is a substantial proportion who do.

There are many, worthwhile, roles that our doctors have undertaken in the past and the advent of revalidation should not discourage this work.

As part of revalidation you are required to declare your entire scope of practice, this includes locum positions, voluntary positions, and private work, wherever you are practicing as a doctor exercising your clinical skills. Please see the statement from COPMeD in the document column. 

The Wessex Revalidation Team, alongside our training programme directors, and Heads of School have devised a reflection form to be completed to reflect other work you may undertake.

Out of Programme

There are four types of official Out Of Programme (OOP) which describe the different instances when you are sanctioned to leave your training programme whilst retaining your National Training Number. During this time you are required to continue amassing evidence to support revalidation, regardless of whether the time will be considered as part of your total training programme.

If you are absent from programme for maternity, paternity, or adoption leave you will be considered to be OOP(C) for the purposes of revalidation.

When you apply for, and are granted OOP you will be sent guidance on what sort of information you should be collecting. Guidance for all OOP is available in the menu on the right hand side of this page.

It is important to consider revalidation when discussing taking time out of programme with your Educational Supervisor or Training Programme Director.




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