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Reflective Practice for Revalidation in Wessex

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Reflective Practice is the term used to describe systematic reflection and analysis on an event which has been significant in training (learning) or employment.

Whilst there is a tendency within the revalidation process to link reflective practice to negative events this is by no means a full representation of the scope of use.

Reflective practice can be equally used for situations where the outcome was optimal as for those that represented a departure from the desired outcome.

Many specialties require reflective practice as part of their specialty curriculums and all support the use of reflection as a means to retrospectively assess challenging situations.

A guide for reflective writing by Dr J Foulkes an Associate GP Dean in HEE, Wessex is available on the right hand side of this page which may be useful.

Whilst there is no one specific format or process for reflection, as it is by nature a process informed by the individual, the below model can be considered when reflecting and may help to order your thoughts to ensure an holistic approach:


Recording Reflections

The format by which you record reflection is not set in stone, your training programme may have guidelines which you should follow, but the important part is to reflect.

What you must ensure is that your reflective practice is available to demonstrate to your educational supervisor and/or ARCP panel in relation to Significant Events.

Some ePortfolio systems have areas for reflection and if yours has you should utilise the function. Some people find a “reflective” journal or diary useful whilst others find making notes immediately after an event and then setting aside time to fully reflect on it works for them.

You should discuss with your educational supervisor if you are having problems with reflective practice and they should be able to advise what is required within your training programme and suggest alternative ways to reflect.


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