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Making a Recommendation

The final stage of the revalidation cycle is for the RO to make a recommendation about the doctors with whom they have a prescribed connection. 

A Recommendation is based on the evidence collected throughout the cycle for ARCP and information supplied by the Employer.

The RO has three options in making a recommendation, in summary:

  1. Positive recommendation (This will be made at CCT and potentially at  point/'s throughout training)

  2. Deferral request (A deferral could be made for a number of reasons. For example a Trainee's CCT date is within 12 months of current Revalidation date, A Trainee's last ARCP is more than 12 months previous. The Revalidation Team will look at each case individually to ensure the most appropriate action is taken).

  3. Notification of non-engagement

Once a recommendation has been submitted to the GMC , Trainees will receive an e-mail from Revalidation Team confirming what recommendation has been made. 


Outside of the revalidation process, doctors about whom an RO or medical director has serious concerns regarding their fitness to practice will be referred to the GMC at any time using the standard Fitness to Practice channels.

This decision should be made when the need arises and not wait until the next revalidation recommendation is due. A GMC team of Employer Liaison Advisers is available to provide advice and support on such cases.

Whilst annual review outcomes are split into two distinct groups of satisfactory and unsatisfactory, the implication is not directly related to revalidation.

For example:

  • A trainee achieving outcome six at ARCP for completion of training would do so based upon their achievement and demonstration of all required competencies in the curriculum. Providing there are no on going clinical governance concerns the Responsible Officer will be able to make a positive revalidation recommendation. However if the trainee had, for example, an on going GMC fitness to practice investigation for drink-driving, but had achieved all the necessary competencies in line with their curriculum they can gain their CCT and move out of training but their revalidation recommendation will need to be deferred until the conclusion of the GMC investigation.  

  • A trainee has received outcome four at ARCP and been released from programme due to repeated exam failure. Whilst this is considered "unsatisfactory", provided there are no concerns about the doctor's Fitness to Practice it should not, in itself, impede revalidation in the future or prevent the Responsible Officer from making a positive revalidation recommendation.



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