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The Revalidation Process

The process for Revalidation has been made as simple as possible for doctors in training. Trainees already undertake annual appraisal in the form of ARCP's. It was therefore agreed that the evidence presented at ARCP's, Woman talking on the phone
with the addition of an Enhanced Form R and evidence submitted by Employers and Educational
Supervisors would be sufficient to make a  Revalidation recommendation to the GMC. Further details can be found in the Revalidation process flow chart (pdf) 

When a Trainee's Revalidate date comes around, they become "under notice". They will receive an e-mail from the GMC informing them of this and that they need to receive a recommendation from their Responsible Officer. Trainees should check that the Designated body stated in the e-mail is correct and if not update it on GMC connect

When this happens the Trainee's name will appear on a list and the Responsible Officer will then be able to make a recommendation to the GMC.

The RO has three options in making a recommendation, in summary:

Positive recommendation

This will be made at CCT and potentially at  points throughout training.

Deferral request

A deferral could be made for a number of reasons. For example a Trainee's CCT date is within 12 months of current Revalidation date, A Trainee's last ARCP is more than 12 months previous. The Revalidation Team will look at each case individually to ensure the most appropriate action is taken.

Notification of non-engagement

A notification of non-engagement could be made for a number of things, mainly not engaging with the ARCP process and for continual non-submission of the Form R (Part B).


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