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Documentation for Revalidation

The revalidation process for all doctors involves reviewing particular pieces of documented evidence to satisfy the RO to make a recommendation to the GMC.

It is the responsibility of the individual doctor to maintain and provide documentation in support of revalidation.

An image of Revalidation HE Wessex USB flash drivesWhilst revalidation is a five year cycle it is essential that documentation is maintained throughout this period.

This page will provide advice on local requirements for documentation as well as any relevant forms and papers for download. All files for download are available in the menu to the right.

Trainees already maintain much of the supporting information required for revalidation in an ARCP portfolio. For example, quality improvement activity is evidenced by participation in audit and feedback from colleagues through multi-source feedback requirements in training.

Although information and reflections on significant events, complaints and compliments may be included in a trainees portfolio, it is not currently a requirement across all specialties. However to comply with revalidation regulations all trainees will need to start collecting and including this information in their portfolios.

For the Responsible Officer to make a revalidation recommendation they need to take into account the complete scope of doctor’s practice. Therefore for revalidation, trainees will be required to declare any extra work they may do outside of training in their capacity as a doctor, either as a locum, in private practice or in a voluntary role.

There are six types of supporting information that doctors will be expected to provide in their portfolios and discuss in their annual appraisals at least once in each five year cycle:

  1. Continuing Professional Development
  2. Quality Improvement Activity
  3. Significant Events
  4. Feedback from Colleagues
  5. Feedback from Patients (where applicable)
  6. Review of Complaints and Compliments


This documentation will be reviewed annually by the ARCP/RITA panel and some will be covered directly by the documentation you produce/provide to satisfy your specialty training curriculum.

Each College/School/Specialty will provide advice of their curriculum or training programmes that can be used to support revalidation. However, it is the responsibility of each individual to ensure they have sufficient documentation to satisfy the six points above.

What to Do Now

You access your date via the GMC online portal

You will need to ensure that you are engaging in reflection on the two domains above and recording this reflection in some form, it may be that your ePortfolio system has an area to do this.

A Form R will be released via Intrepid V10 prior to your next ARCP/RITA and you will be required to complete this before your assessment. 


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