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Wessex Professional Support Unit (PSU)

*Please visit our Coronavirus (COVID-19) Wellbeing Support page for up-to-date information, self-help resources and details of how you can self refer to the Wessex PSU*

Wellbeing Poster

Communication Brief 07.04.2020

Health and Wellbeing package April 2020


The Wessex PSU is pleased to offer support to any trainee who finds that they are struggling (for whatever reason), despite local support; in order for them to make progress in their training.

Our Vision

To empower Wessex trainees to become great providers of health care.

Our Mission

To provide Wessex doctors and dentists in training with a nationally recognised high standard of focused support for their well-being and development; in order to promote the quality and safety of the care and service they provide and the levels of satisfaction they take from their work.

We believe this is best achieved through an open and enabling approach. Our support of the professionalism of those we serve is underpinned by quality assurance processes and research led evidence.

Our Values

In common with the wider NHS, our values are:

  • Working together for patients
  • Respect and dignity
  • Commitment to quality of care
  • Compassion
  • Improving lives
  • Everyone counts

How We Can Help

Each year we receive around a hundred new referrals for trainees whose needs for support require the high level of skill and experience which we are here to provide. The unit has over ten years of experience and constantly strives to improve its service to trainees.

For further information on our services, please click the links below:


            Information for Trainees   Information for Educators   Case management area   Virtual Support Group Area

            Meet the Team   PSU Framework   PSU Newsletter   CPPS Information



Click here to download the PSU Leaflet

Referrals are usually made by Educational Supervisors, Programme Directors or Directors of Medical Education in partnership with trainees. Following referral a trainee will be assigned a Case Manager to explore the nature of their needs and plan with the trainee how best to support them.

We are pleased to receive any confidential enquiries about our services through our dedicated email:


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