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Careers Support

In Wessex we help you manager your career

Need advice on career choice and direction?

Want an external perspective, try NHS Medical Careers

Need advice (for trainees and managers) regarding health and sickness?The best time to begin researching and planning your career path is in your third or fourth year of medical school - this will give you time to explore your own strengths and areas for development. It will also help you to make the most of opportunities that come your way.You will also find a useful set of self-assessment exercises on NHS Medical Careers, along with wide-ranging information on different specialties.

Foundation Doctors

During your Foundation training, you will be offered two free MedicCareers workshops, one in each of your Foundation years. Foundation doctors taking part have commented on how welcome it has been to have some time devoted to them and their career concerns. Some Foundation doctors find using Sci59 useful if they are torn between a number of specialties. Look at the specialty pages of NHS Medical Careers where for a wide range of specialties and subspecialties there are details of the training pathway, workforce statistics, case studies, and a section on working life.

The Foundation Programme website also has a range of careers information.

Staff Grade and Associate Specialists

Information for Staff Grade and Associate Specialists

One to One Support

Trainee doctors and dentists looking for individual career help should initially contact their Educational Supervisor or local Careers Lead for support. Doctors and dentists in non-training roles should contact their Clinical Supervisor, their Trust's Director of Medical Education, or the local Career Lead, as appropriate.

Further information


For any general information contact the Professional Support Unit   tel: 01962 718428

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