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Trainees in Paediatrics must pass their MRCPCH exams to progress through the training programme. Detailed information about the exams can be found on the RCPCH website.


Exam preparation is included in the Paediatric Regional Education Programme (PREP) at the end of each training day. Trainees in Wessex have also produced a guide to passing your Membership (Word) which is available to download.


In order to progress to ST 3 from ST 2 both parts of MRCPCH Part one must be passed. It is worthwhile, therefore, to start taking the part one exams as soon as the ST 1 year is started. Some will have taken some exams prior to entering the specialty.

If you are struggling with your exams, please let your educational supervisor and the deanery team know as we may be able to help with your exam preparation technique.

If you have not passed your 1B when you are due to move to ST 3, you will remain in ST 2 level posts and will be allowed up to one year additional training to achieve this. If, despite an extra year in training, you are unable to pass your exams, you are likely to be released from training unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Likewise, in order to progress from ST 3 to ST 4 the clinical part two exam must be passed. We do have some middle grade ST 3 posts and thus you may remain in ST 3 yet still do middle grade posts for up to one additional year. If you have already had extra time to pass previous exams this will be taken into account as you can only have one extra year of training in total, to pass your exams.

Remember, if you are having trouble passing exams, or if there are personal circumstances ( e.g. health, family etc. , we don’t need details, obviously) hampering your attempts, let the deanery team know early on so that we can help sooner rather than later.

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