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Geriatric Medicine

Group of mature or elderly women. Active senior citizens playing a game.The South Coast’s attractiveness as a retirement destination and with the baby boomer population ageing fast, there is no shortage of good experience in Geriatrics to be had in Wessex.

Well developed clinical and research units allow any blend of clinical and academic Geriatrics to be melded together to create the perfect platform for a consultant post in the last bastion of true General Medicine.

Subspecialty interests can be fostered with many of the sites offering excellent experience in the main subspecialties of falls, movement disorders, stroke, orthogeriatrics, etc and the rotations available easily provide the experience required to fulfil the needs of both the GIM and Geriatrics curricula. In addition, every department on the rotation is viewed as friendly and approachable.

Research is based around the well developed MRC centre at Southampton, but is not limited to Southampton. There is the chance for trainees to extend their academic skills through an Academic Fellowship or Out of Programme Experience. There is an active research training programme as part of the WESTEC programme and research opportunities in many of the slots available, the subject of which depends on individual department’s interests or the trainee’s needs. All registrars are expected to pursue a research project or a period of additional study, subject to the training needs and requirements of individuals.

There is a well-established training programme for specialist registrars, the WESTEC programme. There are regular training days throughout the year. Specialist registrars are expected to attend these and are also expected to contribute to the meetings at intervals. There are also local General Acute Medicine training days which specialist registrars are expected to attend. Within Wessex there are various systems in place for Acute Medicine training days. Portsmouth have a rolling half day per month (trainees from the Isle of Wight are also invited); Dorset have 1 full day every other month at Dorchester/Poole/Bournemouth; Southampton and Winchester have combined meetings held on 1 day on alternate months at Southampton. Salisbury trainees are able to join any of these training days and are advised to contact the relevant person to ensure that they attend the minimum requirement of training days.

Hospitals on the Wessex Geriatrics rotation include:

School Contacts

Job Title Name Contact Details
Head of School Dr James Adams

Programme Director

Dr Matt Thomas
Programme Manager Elizabeth Martin
01962 718432

Programme Administrator

(also ePortfolio contact)

Ysabel Woollan

01962 718421

Specialty PA Elaine Hadley
01962 718427
Trainee Representative Dr Sarah Rumbold


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