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Acute Medicine

Acute medicine, air ambulance respondingHealth Education England, Wessex is committed to postgraduate education of the highest standard. We provide trainees with the skills, training and experience needed to meet the challenges and demands of the present and future NHS.

Acute Medicine is a five year training programme (ST3-ST7) leading to the award of dual CCT in Acute Internal Medicine and General Internal Medicine. Trainees wishing to undertake single accreditation in Acute Internal Medicine will usually be able to attain the CCT within four years from ST3 level.

Details of essential competences and qualifications are detailed in the MMC person specification for Acute Medicine at ST3 which is available from  

Full Programme Description

The Wessex Acute Medicine ST3 Programme Description (pdf) is available to download.

About Wessex

Wessex is a fantastic place to train in Acute Medicine, we were the first region in the country to offer Acute Medicine training and have a fantastic breadth of placements in both large university and small DGH hospitals virtually all working with and having supervision from doctors trained in Acute Medicine. Aside from this the deanery itself is a welcoming organisation and who can beat it when you are situated by the coast with fantastic access to the Solent and other water based activities and history such as Portsmouth’s dockyards!


In Wessex we have 23 training posts across 8 hospitals offering placements in Acute Medicine, Intensive Care, Elderly Medicine, Respiratory Medicine, Cardiology, Stroke Medicine, Endocrinology and Gastroenterology.

Our training is regularly rated very highly and this is reflected in the high quality of the trainees when they achieve their CCT, with the new SCE examination we have an excellent success with all trainees so far passing on their first attempt and virtually all of the trainees who have completed the program being appointed locally to help develop some of the most established Acute Medical Units nationally.

Alongside this developments are ongoing to bring people together regionally with Acute Medicine training days six times a year with increasing Consultant attendance and wide participation from senior clinicians of all specialities to this program.


Please see these pages for a list of contacts:

School of Medicine Contacts

Specialty Specific Contacts

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