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Images of a female doctor with a stethoscope, a stethoscope and a male doctor speaking to an elderly male patient sat on a hospital bedSchool of Medicine 

The School of Medicine is the largest specialty school in Health Education England. It is the part of the organisation that is responsible for the quality assurance and overview of the education of trainees in core medical training and speciality trainees in medicine.

We are accountable for:

  • The recruitment to these posts
  • Quality assuring the training in the NHS Trusts where trainees are placed
  • Formal teaching programmes
  • Pastoral support
  • Programme leadership
  • Administration
  • ARCPs.

Wessex School of Medicine aims to provide the highest quality of training and make sure trainers and trainees feel a part of a valued environment. We work closely with the Royal College of Physicians and our local NHS hospitals to achieve these aims.

Training is widely recognised as a core activity of hospitals within the Wessex area covered by Health Education England and we have excellent relationships with our hospitals and the University of Southampton. Each specialty manages a programme of specialty training days to meet the curricular requirements and HEE offers a wide range of programmes supporting personal and professional development including academic, teaching and leadership skills.

In addition to specialty training posts we offer training programmes in core medicine. Rotations vary with either four or six month attachments to a wide variety of specialties in hospitals across the region, with an emphasis on acquiring good general medical and acute medical skills in preparation for specialty training.

We offer training in the majority of the medical specialties. Please use the links on the left hand side of this page to find out more about each programme.

The consultants throughout the region are enthusiastic trainers. There is also an active regional postgraduate teaching programme and local journal clubs are strongly encouraged. Opportunities to undertake research and audit projects are available in all hospitals.


Frequently Asked Questions

Maternity leave

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Please let us know your last working day before you go on maternity leave and how long you plan to take off? This can be done by email, there is not a specific form. Once you return from maternity leave we will recalculate your CCT date.

You will need to complete the 'Return to Training Scheme' which requires you to have a meeting with your educational supervisor and complete a pre absences form which will be sent to the Health Education England, Wessex from the TPD. Upon your return you will need to have a return to work meeting with your educational supervisor and complete the appropriate forms. Below is the link to our website for information, flowcharts and the forms.

You will also need to have an ARCP before you go on maternity leave. We will inform you of the date soon but please make sure that your eportfolio is up to date and you have an educational supervisors report.

You do not need to provide us with a copy of your MATB1 form. Please give this to your trust employers.


Educational and Clinical Supervisors

Health Education England, Wessex does not get informed of who your supervisors are going to be. You will need to contact your education centre and they will be able to inform you.

Once you have been informed, please let us know asap and we will update eportfolio for you. Please email



If you need your educational or clinical supervisor updating on eortfolio please email and let us know asap. We are also able to move WPBAs if saved against the incorrect post.


OOP Requests

Are you thinking about going out of programme? If so you will need to start by having this discussion with your educational supervisor and inform your Training Programme Director. If they are supportive of you going out of programme you will need to complete an application form and obtain all the signatures except the Postgraduate Dean.

Please send in your OOP application to and address it for the attention of your programme manager or coordinator.

Guidance can be found here (Word)


Acting Up

All trainees who wish to Act Up should complete and return an application which can be found by following this link -  Acting Up Application Form (Word).
Please return to and address it for the attention of your programme manager or coordinator.

Information regarding Acting Up can be found here (Word)

A minimum of three months notice must be given. Trainees should not presume that their application will be successful. Please note that LTFT trainees are unable to act up for more than three calendar months regardless of WTE working percentage.

CMT Trainees wishing to act up must give a minimum of three months notice and will need to review the following guidance. If they meet with they will need to speak to their College Tutor who will make the request to Health Education England, Wessex.

JRCPTB Guidance for Core Medical Trainees acting up as a registrar (pdf)


Less Than Full Time Training

New to Less Than Full Time

Please fully read the guidance here.
Trainees who wish to be considered for Less Than Full Time Training should complete and return the following form:
Less Than Full Time Training - Application Form (Word)

Once your eligibility for Less Than Full Time Training has been assessed  and if approved you will be sent further information and a form to arrange funding for your Less Than Full Time Training post.

You are encouraged to apply as far as possible in advance, in the very least six weeks minimum  if you wish to undertake Less Than Full Time Training.

Exclamation mark!It is important to note that you must not presume your application will be successful.


Changing post or Trust

If you have already been approved for LTFT training and you are changing post you will need to complete another funding form.
Please contact and address it for the attention of your programme manager or coordinator for this form.


Changing your percentage of working

If you want to change your current percentage of working you will need to complete a new LTFT funding form and send this to and address it for the attention of your programme manager or coordinator.


Study leave via Intrepid & Budget

Applications for study leave should be made through the Intrepid Online Leave Manager.

Users will require a login and password. If you do not have a login and password, or have forgotten it, please email and address it for the attention of your programme manager or coordinator.

Alternatively, contact your Education Centre Manager/Local Study Leave Administrator, Medical Personnel Specialist or Programme Manager.

Note: only verified Wessex trainees will be given a login for this system.

More information about Study Leave

Study budgets are only available to trainees who are in programme. Trainees who are out of programme are not entitled to a study budget.


GMC recognition of trainer

As of the 1 July 2016 all educational supervisors and named clinical supervisors will need to have GMC Recognition of Training. This involves the supervisor attending the two day ESDP: Educational Supervisors course, ESDP: Refresher course or the ESDP: Named Clinical Supervisor course every three years and having submitted the completed application form. Once approved, you will receive confirmation of your status.

If you would like to check if you have been approved or need to complete the application form please contact


Specialty Training Committees

All STCs dates, venues and agendas will be sent to you be Elaine Hadley in advance of the meeting. If you need to check the dates please look at the specialty calendar which can be found here.


General Internal Medicine (GIM) Training Days

The dates of the next GIM Training day will be recorded here


Travel & Expenses

Travel expenses & relocation guidance can be found here. Health Education England, Wessex writes the guidance but it is up to the individual trusts regarding approving and paying. Please contact your HR team for more information.


Inter Deanery Transfer

The IDT process is hosted by London Deanery Provider Support (LDPS) on behalf of Health Education England (HEE) and UK deaneries via arrangements agreed through the Conference of Postgraduate Medical Deans of the United Kingdom (COPMeD).
More information can be found here

Exclamation mark!The windows will open twice a year to transfer in February and August.

The Team

Please see these pages for a list of contacts:

School of Medicine Contacts

Specialty Specific Contacts

The Training Hospitals


Other Key Organisations

The JRCPTBAn image of the Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board logo

The Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board is responsible for delivering the Edinburgh, Glasgow and London Royal Colleges of Physicians' role in setting and maintaining standards for physician specialist training in the UK. Please see the JRCPTB website and a short guide to the JRCPTB (pdf) for more information. This includes curricula, assessment standards,
supporting trainees, certification, and quality management.


The Royal College of Physicians (London)

The Royal College of Physicians (London) supports members during every stage of their career.
Please refer to the RCP London website for more information. This includes recruitment into physician specialties, exams, projects, programmes, committees, CPD, research, training, and events.


Faculty of Occupational Medicine

The Faculty of Occupational Medicine is the professional and educational body for occupational medicine in the UK. Its activities include setting standards, managing specialty training, providing conferences/training, and offering qualifications.

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