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Clinical Topic Review (CTR)

To be certain that you have the chance to get maximum marks for your CTR, we have instigated some timelines during your HST to help you ensure that the CTR is not left to the last minute. It is worth reflecting that those FCEM candidates who have mostly completed their CTR by the end of ST4 do best overall in the FCEM

The steps that need to be taken whilst you are on the HST programme are:

By the end of ST4

A draft CTR

This should include:

  • Chosen topic, formed into the 3 part question
  • A literature review
  • Outline of your introduction, results and discussion
  • Evidence of your “own work” towards the CTR


The draft CTR must be seen and reviewed by your educational supervisor and will then be discussed at your ARCP.

If this has not been done or felt to be unsatisfactory you will be given an ARCP2, to allow further time for satisfactory completion.

By the end of ST5

Completed CTR

This needs to have been proof read by your educational supervisor and to be in the format that you can submit it for FCEM. Many candidates seek opinions of other consultants on their CTR. Whilst this is a good idea, please do not seek assistance from more than 2 or 3 consultants.

Please give your educational supervisor time in which to read the CTR. It can often take 4-6 hours to read a CTR, check literature reviews etc, and make comments. Do not expect them to be able to do it the night before an ARCP or the closing date for the FCEM!

It also needs to have been read by the Head of School or Training Programme Director before it can be submitted for FCEM.

Flexible Trainees

The timelines for trainees who are less than full time are the same as above. The timings for the end of ST4 may not fit in exactly with the ARCP process, but the ARCP panel will expect to see appropriate progress with the CTR.

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