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Emergency Medicine Higher Specialty Training

Two doctors and a patient in the back of an ambulanceHigher specialty training is delivered by excellent committed consultants working in effective multi-disciplinary teams making Wessex a popular place to train.

We protect training. Wessex Emergency Medicine trainees have a commitment from the school to ensure that the rotas, work-life balance and training opportunities are not adversely affected by service provision. This is vital in the current emergency medicine climate.

We support trainees who wish for to apply for subspecialty accreditation or fellowships in simulation, service improvement, quality and education. Emergency medicine trainees have a good record in gaining these opportunities.

Where we provide training

Emergency Medicine higher specialty training in Wessex rotates between Basingstoke in the north, Portsmouth in the east, Poole and Salisbury in the west and Southampton in the centre of the region.  The wide catchment area allows trainees in the region to experience a wide range of pathologies, patient demographics and ever changing population densities.

The links will give details about the training centres throughout the region on our Trust Information page:


Is this right for you?

Emergency medicine involves the initial resuscitation and clinical care for patients of all age groups and across the whole spectrum of clinical specialities. The most obvious feature of Emergency Medicine is its total unpredictability. Work is in fast moving, multidisciplinary teams. Emergency medicine consultants have a central role in hospital life, relating to a large number of specialties.

To find out more visit the definition of emergency medicine page or better still come and talk to us.

Higher emergency medicine training days are held twice a month - come and see what we do and talk to those training here!


We are delighted to support trainees sub-specialities in:


What makes us different?

We work hard to get the very best out of you!

We run an annual mock FCEM exam, which all higher speciality trainees attend. In the last few years this had been open to emergency medicine core trainees in years 1-3 and has been useful practice for the exam for Membership of the College of Emergency Medicine (MCEM) Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE).

We also have a carefully thought through timeline for the clinical topic review.

Sharing information through the extranet

The Wessex School of Emergency Medicine has an extranet site to support trainees and trainers. The site is trainee managed and requires initial registration. Please log on in the top right hand corner of this page.

Contact Information

Name and Title Contact Information
Dr Joanna Hartley - Head of School of Emergency Medicine  Email:

Telephone: 02392 286367

Miss Karen McCarthy - Emergency Medicine Programme Manager


Telephone: 01962 718431

Mrs Kirsty Sharpen - Emergency Medicine Programme Co-Ordinator Email:

kirsty.sharpen@wessex, Telephone: 01962 718422

Dr Jude Reay - Training Programme Director for Higher Specialty Training and RCEM Tutor


Dr Lee Gray - Training Programme Director for ACCS and RCEM Tutor, Poole


Dr Adel Aziz - Training Programme Director for SAS Doctors



Dr Louisa Chan - Training Programme Director for SAS Doctors Email:  
Anne Welling - Nurse and AHP Training Programme Director Email:
Dr Isobel Bradbury - RCEM Tutor, Portsmouth


Dr Jay Chitnis- RCEM Tutor, Basingstoke Email:
Dr Adam Hughes - RCEM Tutor, Salisbury Email:



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