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Curriculum and Teaching



  • A regional teaching programme in General (Internal) Medicine is provided in Portsmouth, Dorset and Southampton; trainees are expected to attend sessions organised in each of these areas when attached to their respective hospitals.
  • Acute Medicine Specific training days occur three times each year, in addition to which trainees are encouraged to attend the Wessex Physicians Club meeting, Society for Acute Medicine meetings and Regional RCP updates in Medicine.
  • Regional training days for ACCS trainees are 10 times a year. 2 days will be held at the Wessex Deanery in Otterbourne and the others held at the hospitals. . These days give trainees an opportunity to present cases at a regional level, to receive Consultant teaching and give feedback on the Wessex training scheme.  Link to the ACCS Regional Training Day Programme.

ACCS Regional training day dates: click here






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