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ACCS ARCP Documentation

Every year you will have an Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) meeting.  This is your opportunity to demonstrate what you have achieved within the year and to discuss your plan for the year ahead. You will need to prepare your paperwork in advance to enable a constructive ARCP process.

All of the forms are available from the appropriate College/Faculty websites and the e-portfolio systems. All documentation is correct at the time of publishing and available to download from the right hand side of this page.

Trainees will be allocated a set time and a date which will not be able to be changed:

ARCP Dates for 2016

  • Monday 27 June
  • Tuesday 28 June


Essential Documents:

Form R submitted on the intrepid system -

Wessex ACCS ARCP Guidance Document - 2015 - 2017 (pdf) 

This document has been written by Dr Gary Cumberbatch, the previous Training Programme Director to clarify what you need to achieve in order for the ARCP panel to allow you to proceed to the next year of the ACCS training programme.

This must be read in conjunction with the ACCS Core Training Programme Curriculum and Assessment System May 2010.

ACCS Curriculum  - 2010 (pdf)

This document is produced by the College of Emergency Medicine, however it has been ratified by the Intercollegiate Board for Acute Care Common Stem Training. Further specifics may be available from the equivalent documents from the RCoA and JRCPTB.

Appendix 1 - The assessment system - 2010 (pdf)

Appendix 2 - Workplace based assessment CT1-2 

These are the forms collated by CEM and any new, additional or improved forms will be available from RCoA or JRCPTB.

Structured Training Reports

Structured training reports have been developed to aid the ARCP process. Educational Supervisors can ask the Trainee to complete the report and the Educational Supervisor can check this against the Trainees E-portfolio. The Trainee will then need to upload this document to their E-portfolio ready for their ARCP.

Structured training report - Emergency Medicine (Word)

Structured training report - Intensive Care Medicine (Word)

Structured training report - Medicine (Word)

Structured training report - Anaesthetics (Word)

ACCS ED Logbook Example (Excel)

ACCS Acute Medicine Logbook Example (Excel)


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