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ACCS ARCP Documentation

Every year you will have an Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP). This is your opportunity to demonstrate what you have achieved within the year. You will need to prepare your paperwork in advance to enable a constructive ARCP process.

All of the forms are available from the appropriate College/Faculty websites and the e-portfolio systems. The latest versions of paperwork are available on the  Intercollegiate Committee for Acute Care Common Stem Training (ICACCST) website.

Please follow the links below for all the information you will need for your ARCP:

ARCP Documents


ARCP Guidance Document

Structured Training Reports

Example Logbooks

Trainees who are invited to attend will be allocated a set time and a date which will not be able to be changed:

ARCP Dates for 2019

  • Wednesday 3rd July 2019 (ACCS ST/CT1-2)
  • Thursday 4th July 2019 (ACCS ST/CT1-2)
  • Friday 5th July 2019 (ST3 EM)


Please email  if you have any queries.



All trainees are mandated to complete the revalidation paperwork as required at each ARCP. Revalidation is a process which all doctors must undergo within the timescales set out by the GMC, it is solely concerned with your Fitness to Practise in relation to your License to Practice. This process runs alongside your ARCP which means you are required to submit the following to the ARCP panel:

  • Form R completed using the PDF and guidance found on the main ARCP pageA Form R is a mandatory requirement for all trainees.
  • Reflection on Additional Work Outside of Training (Word) - this applies to any work for which you may use your medical skills, e.g. locums in another Trust or any work completed under Section 12 outside of training.
  • Educational Supervisor’s Report (structured training report) for all posts since your last ARCP (this must include a full breakdown of the work place based assessments that you have completed)
  • An up to date CV (To be saved in your personal library)

Wessex ACCS ARCP Guidance Document - 2017 - 2019 (pdf) 

This document has been written by Dr Lee Gray, Training Programme Director to clarify what you need to achieve in order for the ARCP panel to allow you to proceed to the next year of the ACCS training programme.

This must be read in conjunction with the ACCS Core Training Programme Curriculum and Assessment System May 2010. This is available on the  Intercollegiate Committee for Acute Care Common Stem Training (ICACCST) website.

Structured Training Reports

Structured training reports have been developed to aid the ARCP process. Educational Supervisors can ask the Trainee to complete the report and the Educational Supervisor can check this against the Trainees E-portfolio. The Trainee will then need to upload this document to their E-portfolio ready for their ARCP. An unsigned STR will not be accepted.

Structured training report - Emergency Medicine (Word)

Structured training report - Intensive Care Medicine (Word)

Structured training report - Medicine (Word)

Structured training report - Anaesthetics (Word)


Recommended Logbooks

ACCS ED Logbook Example (Excel)

ACCS Acute Medicine Logbook Example (Excel)


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