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An image of a male doctor examining a woman patient's eyes plus an image of a patient being treated in the dentist's chair plus an image of a midwife taking the blood pressure of a pregnant womanSpecialty Training

Specialty training is undoubtedly the most challenging time of your training career.

Our specialty training programmes will provide you with not only skills, knowledge and competencies to complete your CCT , but will enhance you as a professional to be the best that you can be.

This preparation will pay dividends during your time as a consultant, GP or dentist to ensure that you have direct impact on the healthcare of patients and the local community.

One of the great things about living and training in Wessex is that we have a small geography, with excellent road, rail and ferry networks. That means that you can pretty much establish yourself in a central location and travel daily to work. Plus we offer some really exciting training opportunities. Find out more about our training programmes through the links below.

Schools and Specialties

School Specialty and Sub-specialities School Specialty and Sub-specialties
Anaesthetics  Anaesthetics

Obstetrics and


Obstetrics and Gynaecology

  Core Anaesthetics  

Community Sexual

  Intensive Care Medicine (ICM)  

Reproductive Health

Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine


Fetal Maternal Medicine


Acute Care Common Stem (ACCS)


Gynaecological Oncology


Paediatric Emergency Medicine



 Foundation Foundation Pathology Pathology


Chemical Pathology with Metabolic Medicine

General Practice General Practice  


Medicine Medicine and Pathology  

Medical Microbiology with Infectious Diseases

  Core Medical Training (CMT)  

Infectious Diseases

  Acute Medicine




Core Psychiatry Training

  Clinical Genetics  

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

  Clinical Neurophysiology  

Forensic Psychiatry

  Clinical Oncology  

Old Age Psychiatry


Psychiatry of Learning Disability


Diabetes and Endocrinology

Public Health

Public Health




Clinical Radiology


Genito-Urinary Medicine




Geriatric Medicine


Core Surgical Training




Cardio-thoracic Surgery


Immunology and Allergy


General Surgery 


Medical Oncology








Occupational Medicine


Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgery 


Paediatric Cardiology




Palliative Medicine


Paediatric Surgery


Rehabilitation Medicine


Plastic Surgery


Renal Medicine


Trauma and Orthopaedic


Respiratory Medicine






Stroke Medicine



Generic Specialty Training Information


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