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Vascular Surgery

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Vascular surgery is a joint programme provided by Health Education Wessex and Health Education Thames Valley, which means you'll get the opportunity to work in two large teaching hospitals as well as two busy district hospitals.

A doctor performing Cardiovascular Surgery Our aim at Wessex is to do whatever we can to help produce doctors who are well-trained, with high standards of patient care.

We offer one training post per year and the quality of the teaching is reflected in the high degree of trainee satisfaction in both open and endovascular surgery.

Our examination pass rates have been extremely high for more than a decade and many of our trainees succeed in making the transition to consultant roles.

Wessex offers the following sub-specialties:

  • open and endovascular aortic surgery
  • carotid surgery
  • venous and endovenous training
  • access surgery
  • academic training


Where we provide training

Your training will be at the following locations:


Other opportunities for trainees

Health Education Wessex is keen to support out-of-programme activities. There are research opportunities at Southampton or Oxford universities and we're currently engaged in an overseas exchange schemes with the Australian vascular surgery training programme (one year) in Melbourne, Australia and in Munster, Gerrmany (3-6 months).

What makes Wessex different?

Your training will feature a real diversity of experience as it will be split between three years with Wessex and then a further three years with the Health Education Thames Valley (formerly the Oxford deanery). Oxford attachments are 1 in 8 pure vascular on-call with non-resident status so no shift-working. There are research opportunities with the Oxford Academic Health Sciences Network.

Both the Wessex and Thames Valley LETBs  have a strong reputation for leadership development and management skills.

You will also benefit from attending regional meetings on the topic of vascular surgery.

We offer a simulation training and opportunities to teach and get formal qualifications in teaching (Diploma in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education), plus we offer professional development with a higher specialty training programme.

Is this right for you?

If you're a highly enthusiastic and committed individual, willing to go beyond the call of duty, then training with Wessex is for you! 


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