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Trauma and Orthopaedics

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Image of a nurse putting on a castOur aim is to provide you with well-rounded and high-quality education in Trauma and Orthopaedics (T&O).

There are 45 posts available with Health Education England, Wessex and because your needs are our focus, all teaching, including a fortnightly regional training day (excel), is quality-controlled through trainees’ feedback and reviewed by the Training Programme Director (TPD).

You'll also attend monthly learning sessions on JCST-approved topics that will allow you to familiarise yourself with instrumentation and techniques such as femoral cementation in a simulated environment.

In addition, trainees are invited to attend numerous speciality meetings that cover hands, feet and ankles, plus much more. 

And once a year one of the Wessex hospitals will host an educational meeting at which all trainees are expected to present a paper to the regional consultant body.

Our exam pass rates for the FRCS (Orth) remain in the top three best-performing regions in the country. In recent years, trainees completing the programme have secured substantive consultant posts, both within Wessex and in other parts of the country. One of our trainees also won a British Orthopaedic Association (BOA) travelling fellowship for £5,000.

We offer you exposure to many sub-specialties in  in Trauma and Orthopaedics.

Where we provide training 

You'll get the chance to work at a range of Wessex District General Hospitals (DGHs), plus Southampton General Hospital, which hosts the region's Major Trauma Unit (MTC). The full list of locations can be found on the Home Page

Other opportunities for trainees

Health Education England, Wessex offers good opportunities for research and trainers regularly study for higher degrees at Southampton. We will also support and encourage overseas activities, for example, work with World Orthopaedic Concern.

We place strong emphasis on simulation training and as a HEE, Wessex trainee you will also have the chance to attend various cadaveric courses, both nationally and overseas, through educational links forged by our consultants.

What makes Wessex different? Is this right for you?

Your needs are what drive the top-quality training we offer. Looking for the best training in T&O and prepared to work hard? If you are, Health Education England, Wessex will tick all the right boxes!

Regional Teaching Plan 2017

Date Activity Location Convenor: Senior registrar / Consultant
Sat 07 - Sun 08 Jan 2017 BOA Instructional Course Manchester  
13 Jan 2017 Programme Directors Forum UHS - Heartbeat  Simon Hodkinson
27 Jan 2017 Trauma, Peripheral nerve injuries Salisbury Matt Barrett / Rod Dunn & Neal Jacobs
10 Feb 2017 Trauma, Paediatrics Winchester Matt Barrett / Jo Thomas
24 Feb 2017 Trauma Controversies Day Basingstoke Matt Barrett / Nigel Rossiter
10 Mar 2017 Anatomy lab - lower limb UHS Matt Barrett / tbc
24 Mar 2017 Trauma, Spines UHS Matt Barrett / Evan Davies
07 Apr 2017 Mock FRCS QAH  
21 Apr 2017 Easter Holiday    
05 May 2017 Adult elective, Knees Dorchester Nick Evans / Iain Findlay
19 May 2017 12 May Southampton Hand Course Chilworth Manor Linda Cornish / David Warwick
02 Jun 2017 No teaching    
09 Jun 2017 Gauvain RBH Heath Taylor
16 Jun 2017 BOTA congress - date tbc    
30 Jun 2017 Adult elective, Shoulders IoW Nick Evans / John Scadden
14 Jul 2017 Adult elective, Spines - tbc SDH Nick Evans / Guy Barham tbc
28 Jul 2017 Adult elective - tbc QAH Nick Evans / Ad Ghande tbc
11 Aug 2017 Summer Holiday    
25 Aug 2017 Summer Holiday    
08 Sep 2017 Mock FRCS Winchester  
22 September 2017 BOA Congress Liverpool  
06 Oct 2017 Hands Winchester James Logan / Pete Tomlinson
20 Oct 2017 Hands RBH James Logan / J Southgate & S Richards
03 Nov 2017 Paeds - DDH UHS James Logan / A Aarvold & K Elliott
17 Nov 2017 Paeds - feet UHS James Logan / Mike Uglow
01 Dec 2017 Anatomy lab - upper limb UHS James Logan / tbc
15 Dec 2017 UKITE    
22 Dec 2017 Christmas Holiday    


ARCP Information

ARCPs are held in September each year. All evidence is submitted electronically and is based around the ISCP website, the panel review this evidence and give an outcome. All trainees are then met for personal feedback and to plan future training needs. All new ST3s have an interim (mock) review at the mid-year point in March. Any trainees failing to achieve their targets will also be reviewed at this time.

Specific requirements which need to be achieved by ARCP date are clearly stated in your global objectives and include:

  • 1 MSF per year
  • 40 WBAs per year
  • Topics as required
  • Up to date CV on system
  • An Assigned educational supervisor (AES) report. At least one clinical supervisors report by someone other than your AES for each learning agreement.
  • An evidence section and logbook that are completed contemporaneously


The paperwork required for ARCPs is:

  • Enhanced Form R (for revalidation)
  • Validated (signed) consolidated logbook for that training year
  • ST4/6 and penultimate year Checklists which can be found here or on the JCST website:

           ST4 Waypoint checklist (pdf)

           ST6 Waypoint checklist (pdf)

           Penultimate year waypoint checklist (pfd)

CCT requirements (if applicable):

An ARCP six needs to be awarded before a CCT can be awarded to a trainee. The JCST have outlined requirements for CCT in the Quality Assurance section of their website:


Hospital Educational Leads (STC Representatives)

Name and Trust Contact Details

Mr Geoff Stranks


Mr Andrew Foggitt


Mr Sean Walsh


Mr Heath Taylor

Poole & Bournemouth

Mr Irwin Lasrado


Mr Guy Barham


Mr Amir Qureshi


Mr John Scadden

Isle of Wight

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