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This is a six year training programme suitable for aiming towards a CCT in General Surgery. It encompasses colorectal, UGI (hepatobiliary/oesophagogastric), breast, transplant and vascular surgery within Health Education England, Wessex Post Graduate Medical and Dental Education local office (Hampshire and Isle of Wight, South Wiltshire and East Dorset).

Tertiary services include liver, pseudomyxoma, pancreatic, and OG surgery. There are opportunities to experience paediatric surgery across the region and also a six month secondment to the paediatric surgery regional unit in Southampton if you choose.


Study and Training

We offer training in the following specialties:

  • Breast

Oncoplastic and screening centres

  • Colorectal

Opportunities for laparoscopic colorectal training at all centres across the Deanery with Lapco trainers
Endoscopy training across all centres

  • Hepatobiliary

Two tertiary referral liver centres are located in Southampton and Basingstoke

  • Oesophagogastric

Three resectional centres in the region as well as bariatric training

  • Vascular/transplant

Training in open and endovascular techniques
One centre offers transplant experience

University Hospital Southampton is a Major Trauma Centre and all trainees form part of the trauma team whilst on-call.

View the full programme description (pdf)


Local and Regional Teaching


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ARCPs are held in September each year. All evidence is submitted electronically and is based around the ISCP website, the panel review this evidence and give an outcome. All trainees are then met for personal feedback and to plan future training needs. All new ST3 s have an interim (mock) review at the mid-year point in March. Any trainees failing to achieve their targets will also be reviewed at this time.

Specific requirements which need to be achieved by ARCP date are clearly stated in your global objectives and include:

  • 1 MSF per year
  • 40 WBAs per year
  • Topics as required
  • Up to date CV on system
  • An Assigned educational supervisor ( AES ) report. At least one clinical supervisors report by someone other than your AES for each learning agreement.
  • An evidence section and logbook that are completed contemporaneously


The only paperwork required for ARCPs is:

  • Enhanced Form R (for revalidation)
  • Validated (signed) consolidated logbook for that training year
  • ST4/6 Checklists which can be found here or on the JCST website:

           ST4 Checklist (pdf)
           ST6 Checklist (pdf)

CCT requirements (if applicable)

An ARCP  six needs to be awarded before a CCT can be awarded to a trainee. The JCST have outlined requirements for CCT in the Quality Assurance section of their website:


Please follow this link to find out the date of your next ARCP                           

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Hospital Educational Leads ( STC representatives)

Name and Trust Contact Details

Mr Faheez Mohammed


Mr David Bennett


Mr Benjamin Stubbs


Mr Mike Nelson

Isle of Wight

Mr Taz Qureshi


Mr Keith Graetz


Mr Simon Sleight


Mr Andrew King


Mr David Hou



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