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School of Surgery ARCPs

The aim of the ARCP is:
- to review the assessment of your progress
- to determine whether progress has been satisfactory

This will take place and a decision regarding your ARCP outcome will be made prior to your feedback appointment.

The aim of the feedback appointment is:
- to inform you of your ARCP outcome
- to discuss your future training requirements
- to discuss your evaluation of your current training post

Specific School ARCP Requirements (excl. Ophthalmology):

 As well as the requirements outlined on the ARCP webpage, Surgery trainees are expected
 to complete the following for their ARCP:

  • AES meetings - it is mandatory that the AES section is completed for the full period being assessed and the document is signed off by the trainee and the AES
  • Up to date CV - uploaded to the ISCP
  • Please ensure you review the certification guidelines for your specialty and complete any appropriate forms for your level of training and upload these to the evidence section on the ISCP


Ophthalmology ARCP Requirements:

Details of the requirements for your ARCP at each stage of training are detailed here:


Interim Reviews for the School of Surgery (excl. Ophthalmology):

Trainee's in their first year of ST3 training or CT1 training will have an interim review in the first 6 months of training. This will be an opportunity for you to meet with the Training Programme Director to talk about your training; and see whether you are on track to receive an Outcome 1 at your annual ARCP based on the evidence on the ISCP. Please note this is not an ARCP. Please refer back to the requirement's above for a surgical ARCPs to prepare you for an interim review.  

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