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Images of a woman having a chest X ray and a patient having an MRI, magnetic resonance imaging scanSchool of Radiology

Radiology is a wonderful career choice. It combines the challenge of diagnosis, using all forms of imaging techniques, with the increasing role of catheter-based interventional treatment. It remains a general specialty, so the training provides a good grounding in all sub-specialty areas, but most radiologists now choose one or two sub-specialty areas in which to develop a specific interest and expertise.

Health Education England, Wessex offers three years of core training before two more years focusing on sub-specialties. If you opt to pursue interventional radiology, there will be three years following core training.

There are 47 training posts with Wessex and we're happy to provide opportunities for those that wish to train flexibly or less than full-time. We've a reputation for high-quality training with particular excellence in head and neck imaging, cardiothoracic imaging and oncology imaging. 

Our aim is to produce consultant radiologists with a sound grasp of imaging fundamentals but also with established excellence in particular areas of imaging or intervention. We want to help you become an expert who is able to think his/her way around clinical problems and provide advice and expert opinion/management to referring clinical teams and their patients.

After obtaining CCTs, Wessex trainees have an excellent record of taking up consultant positions and many are appointed to posts in hospitals in the region.

We support sub-specialty training in the following areas of radiology:

  • Breast imaging
  • Cardiac imaging
  • Gastrointestinal imaging
  • GU imaging
  • Head and neck imaging
  • Interventional radiology (vascular and non-vascular intervention)
  • Musculoskeletal imaging
  • Neuroradiology (including interventional neuroradiology)
  • Nuclear medicine
  • Oncology imaging
  • Paediatric imaging


Where we provide training

Besides the hospitals of Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust and Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust we provide training in district general hospitals including:


Other opportunities for trainees

There are opportunities for those that wish to develop an academic interest, with links with the University of Southampton.

Several imaging sub-specialties within the school now provide post-CCT fellowship-style posts where additional experience and training can be obtained.

What makes Wessex different?

Wessex provides a course to prepare trainees for FRCR part one exams in your first year, and a part two preparation course in years two and three. Once you have your FRCR diploma, the school runs a course on the role and requirements of senior trainees making the transition to consultant practice and provides guidance on the leadership skills this requires.

There are two regional radiology meetings each year for radiologists and radiology department staff that provide an excellent educational forum, and an opportunity for trainees to present their research work or topics of educational interest.

Is this right for you?

We'll expect that you have a passion for the subject, an enquiring mind and a determination to do your best for patients.

What to do next

The Wessex Radiology Southampton Scheme Programme Description (Word) is available to download.

The Wessex Radiology Portsmouth Scheme Programme Description (Word) is available to download.

Contact us

Name & Title Contact Details
Head of School

Dr Stephen Harden

Programme Manager

Sue Ksous

Programme Co-ordinator


Regional Advisor

Dr Julian Atchley


Portsmouth Training Scheme

Name & Title Contact Details
Programme Director

Dr Chukwumobi Ihezue

Year 1 Educational Supervisor


Dr Daren Gibson 

Dr Angelique Beling

Year 2 Educational Supervisor

Dr Daren Gibson

Year 3 Educational Supervisor

Dr Chukwumobi Ihezue

Research Co-ordinators

Dr Daren Gibson

Dr Tony Higginson

Year 4/5 Educational supervisors

Dr Simon Coles

Dr Julian Atchley

Dr Rachael Harrison

Dr Janine Domjan

Dr Elizabeth Tilley

Portsmouth Radiology Training Programme Committee

Contact the committee secretary, Karen Elliot


Southampton Training Scheme

Name & Title Contact details
Programme Director

Dr Vasileios Skiadas (Bill)

Year 1; FRCR Part 1

Dr Rob Allison

Year 2 & 3; FRCR 2a / 2b

Dr Liam Ingram

Year 4 & 5; Post FRCR 

Dr Tim Bryant

DGH Tutors

Name & Title Contact Details

Basingstoke and Winchester

Dr Hazel Griffith


Dr Sonya Snape


Dr Andrew Leonard


Dr Mark Wills




Dr Briony Burns

Dr Amy Lecomte


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