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Public Health Sciences and Medical Statistics

Public Health Sciences & Medical Statistics, University of Southampton, C floor, South Academic Block, Southampton General Hospital, Southampton, SO166YD.

The academic Public Health department of the University of Southampton (Public Health Sciences and Medical Statistics- PHSMS ) is a very active research and training group based at the Southampton University Healthcare Trust, with around 30 staff. It incorporates the University Medical Statistics group and the South Central Research Design Service which provides research advice and support to all NHS professionals. It is part of Southampton Clinical Research Institute which also includes the two NIHR funded Biomedical Research Units (Respiratory and Nutrition), the Southampton Clinical Trials Unit, Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility and Southampton University Hospital Trust Research and Development department.

The current research interests are in health and health care needs of vulnerable groups including people in the criminal justice system, the epidemiology of liver disease and renal disease, lifestyle related harms including alcohol and obesity, evaluating need and demand for health care, and RCTs in cancer. However the group collaborates with a range of clinicians using multiple methods including RCTs, systematic reviews, modelling (simulation and multi-level), cohort studies and qualitative approaches. 

The group has a track record of obtaining grant funding, peer reviewed publications and successfully supervising MD/PhD students. There are currently 2MD and 3 PhD students supervised by the group. 

There are strong links with Primary Care and with clinical departments in secondary care (e.g. Hepatology, Cancer, General Surgery, Renal Medicine, and Metabolic Medicine). In addition PHSMS is leading an initiative to bring together across the University those researchers and departments interested in Population Health, with a recent population health conference being successful  in sharing current research, ideas and skills, strengthening and  fostering future collaborations with departments  in the University, for example Social Statistics, Geography; Psychology. There are close links with external groups (e.g. University College London, Imperial College London, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine).

PHSMS organises and largely delivers the Public Health component of the undergraduate Bachelor of Medicine programme, the research methods module for the Bachelor of Medical Science, and delivers a wide variety of postgraduate training to MSc s (including the epidemiology module on the MSc in Public Health practice run by the Faculty of Health Sciences, F2 and PhD students.

There are opportunities for PH registrars to undertake a prolonged attachment suitable for an MD/PhD, and/or to gain teaching experience or to have shorter attachments with the aim of conducting a shorter piece of research and obtaining a publication(s) and conference presentations. Prior contact is needed to identify a registrars’ interests and to plan an appropriate research project.

Registrars can be seconded to the Public Health Nutrition group, which is interested in links between nutrition and health or to the MRC Epidemiology Resource Centre which has a major research interest in the developmental origins of adult disease and in musculoskeletal problems.

Follow this link to find out which learning outcomes can be achieved in a placement in this department.

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