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Public Health Practitioner Registration Scheme

The Public Health Practitioner programme is a professional registration programme which allows individuals working in public health to become a registered Practitioner with the UK Public Health Register (UKPHR). Public Health Practitioner registration is at Level five of the Public Health Knowledge and Skills Framework (PHKSF) which is seen as an entry level in Public Health. The Public Health Practitioner Schemes are delivered as local schemes within specific geographic areas.

To become a registered practitioner, individuals are required to complete a retrospective portfolio, demonstrating their knowledge, understanding and application against a set of 12 standards (pdf) (which are made up of 48 indicators). The portfolio would consist of commentaries describing the piece of work or project the individual was involved in and then the supporting evidence that meets the relevant standard. Evidence can be in the form of reports; minutes; emails; testimonials etc.


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This page is for PH Practitioners that are currently on the Wessex Scheme working towards registration. Here practitioners will be able to find useful information and relevant resources to help with their portfolio development and registration.


For further information, please contact Laurie Didlick, Public Health Administrator via

Public Health Practitioner Information and Resources

Public Health Practitioner Programme Forms, Templates and E-Portfolio Guidance

United Kingdom Public Health Register Guidance, Forms and Information



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