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Trusts and Hospitals

Training takes place within several NHS Trusts and numerous hospitals / sites. 

The social context varies from the inner city deprivation of Southampton and Portsmouth to the affluent shires. Units vary from locked, secure in-patient provision to innovative community-based services.

Sub-speciality training pages also include specific information.

Some of the sites within the Trusts are listed below:

Trust Hospitals / Sites
Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Foundation Trust Fountain Way Hospital
Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust

Alderney Community Hospital

Poole Child Development Centre

St Ann's Hospital

Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Havant Child Guidance

Osborn Clinic

Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust

Antelope House

College Keep

Forest Lodge

Gosport War Memorial Hospital

Leigh House

Moorgreen Hospital

Parklands Hospital

Ravenswood House

Tatchbury Mount

Western Community Hospital

Isle of Wight NHS Primary Care Trust St Mary's Hospital
Solent NHS Trust

Ashurst Hospital

Brookvale Totton

Falcon House

Orchard Centre

St James' Hospital


Please note that this list is not exhaustive but shows a representative example of the sites where trainees could be placed.

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