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Psychotherapy Training 

Psychiatry illustrationWessex is committed to training psychotherapeutically literate and informed psychiatrists. We believe that a psychotherapeutic understanding of the work with patients and within teams is essential to being a holistic and effective psychiatrist.

Psychotherapy training within Wessex is considered an essential and important part of Psychiatry training throughout Core and Higher training in all specialties / sub specialties.

Wessex has a dedicated consultant Psychiatrist in Medical Psychotherapy whose role as Psychotherapy Tutor is to develop and maintaining an excellent standard of psychotherapy training for all psychiatry trainees in Wessex.

Protected training time is specifically allocated to psychotherapy training throughout your  time in  Wessex.

Our aim is to:

  • Develop psychiatrists who can deliver some psychological treatments and therapeutic interventions
  • Introduce, develop and sustain a therapeutic attitude so that the psychiatrist sees the person integral to the problem and diagnosis.


Psychotherapeutic psychiatrists are able to:

  • Use self reflective practice.
  • Use reflective practice with patients, families, teams, and organisations
  • Account for clinical phenomena in psychological terms
  • Refer patients appropriately for formal therapies
  • Jointly manage patients receiving psychotherapy
  • Understand applied therapeutic ideas across different settings
  • Deliver basic psychotherapeutic treatments.


The Royal College of Psychiatrists has a minimum set of requirements for Psychotherapy experience within core and specialist psychiatry training.

In most instances Wessex Psychiatry trainees are expected to engage with Psychotherapy training opportunities beyond the minimum requirements.

Satisfactory completion of the minimum requirements is required in order to progress in the ARCP process and to progress from core to specialist training.

More information

For further information visit our webpages on psychotherapy training for core trainees

and psychotherapy training for higher specialty trainees

A short biography of the Wessex Psychotherapy Tutor, Dr Catherine Smith is available from our Professional Support Unit webpage.


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