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Old Age Psychiatry

Psychiatry illustrationOld Age Psychiatry (ST4-6) trainees in Wessex experience a range of posts across urban and rural settings as well as opportunities for inpatient work, memory clinics and teaching. There are 11 posts.

Old Age Psychiatry is an extremely varied and interesting sub-speciality with excellent career prospects. Living in Wessex means a great life style with the choice of the sea, cityscapes, green fields or the New Forest. Travelling around could be by country lane or motorway and may end up at a thatched village or a housing estate.

Training Programme

Trainees usually undertake three placements of one year each. Though there is the opportunity for one of the placements to be in General Adult Psychiatry or Forensic Psychiatry with clear educational objectives.

Two sessions each week for research or other educational activities

 join an established research programme (or set out on your own project)

Undertake a higher degree locally or nationally

Part-time speciality experience available (to two sessions per week for those not pursuing a higher degree or research project)

Special interest sessions:

  • Psychotherapy
  • substance misuse
  • Neuropsychiatry/acquired brain injury
  • Learning disabilities
  • elderly medicine
  • general practice
  • ECT
  • Medical Student Teaching


Community visits remain a core aspect of the training experience. Visiting a patient in Wessex might Outpatient clinics may be held in local GP surgeries and community hospitals. As a senior trainee, you'll become a key part of the multidisciplinary Community Mental Health team you work within. Weekly educational supervision is timetabled, and where clinical sessions are split between in-patient and community services, clinical supervision is provided by the relevant consultants.

Integrated working with colleagues from primary care, physical health and social care is the evolving model of service in many areas, offering you the chance to work closely with GPs, geriatricians and social workers on complex cases.

There is a diverse range of opportunities available within the region for special interest sessions in geriatric medicine, neurology, end-of-life care, psychotherapy, forensic psychiatry and liaison psychiatry. 

Academic Old Age Psychiatry is based at the Memory Assessment and Research Centre (MARC) in Southampton, and you can apply for academic clinical fellowships in Old Age Psychiatry.

Dual accreditation in Old Age Psychiatry and another psychiatric speciality can now be applied for by trainees hoping to join the rotation, in collaboration with the relevant programme directors.

Senior trainees can gain experience of management by shadowing senior staff, or through more formal training programmes via Health Education Wessex, which also co-ordinates a popular medical education MA course. You will be encouraged to participate in teaching medical students, and also to teach on the local MRCPsych course and run mock exams for the core trainees.

Old Age Psychiatry Programme Description (word)

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