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General Adult Psychiatry

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General Adult Psychiatry training in Wessex is through an excellent range of quality, comprehensive and interesting training posts over three years (ST4-6).

Training Opportunities

Trainees normally spend the first two years in one part of the scheme and in the third year move to a different area to experience different organisations and clinical areas. Trainees apply to the programme rather than a particular post.

Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust, is a large mental health trust covering the full spectrum of care pathways within General Adult Psychiatry. You can experience inpatient care, hospital at home/crisis and community-based care so that you'll learn about assessment and continuing treatment. There are 15 training posts.

Posts can also cover substance misuse,  an exciting opportunity in perinatal psychiatry and give you the chance to learn about liaison psychiatry. 

Trainees can opt for forensic psychiatry experience within Ravenswood House, while one of the posts offers academic opportunities through links to the University of Southampton.

Solent NHS Trust provides training within the Portsmouth area, with posts in General Adult Psychiatry and substance misuse.

There is one General Adult Psychiatry post within the Isle of Wight NHS Trust with some specific involvement with early intervention psychosis. This position is an extremely well thought and receives excellent feedback from trainees.

Wessex offers seven posts within Dorset University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, which provides inpatient and community care, plus psychiatric intensive care. There is also one crisis resolution post, and one post in forensic psychiatry at St Ann's Hospital, Poole.

We currently also have one Salisbury-based General Adult Psychiatry post within Avon and Wiltshire NHS Partnership Trust, which is highly sought after.

Programme structure

All Wessex trainees meet regularly meet with the training programme director to update on progress and share concerns. This is also an opportunity for you to meet up with other trainees and share tips and compare experiences!

At  Wessex we are constantly striving to improve the training experience. To that end, we're always asking existing trainees to let us know if there's anything they'd like added to the programme and to support us in creating innovative new opportunities. 

That collaborative approach has helped us provide further training in areas that include occupational health, forensic psychiatry and shadowing a senior manager to gain further management experience. 

With your help, and fresh ideas, our aim is to equip you with the necessary skills to become a consultant or follow any other career path to which you aspire.

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