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The psychiatric curriculum is available on the Royal College of Psychiatrists' website.

Core Psychiatry Course

Core Psychiatry trainees will be released to attend the fortnightly Core Psychiatry Course in preparation for the MRCPsych examinations. 70% attendance at the course is required.

This is a process- and research-based course with learning objectives and modules for each specialty. Sessions are mapped to the Royal College curriculum and supported by the syllabus and cover all subspecialties within Psychiatry. 

Trainees work together in small geographically based learning sets which are established for trainees at the start of the year to facilitate learning. They use their clinical practice to inform their learning, hence linking work with knowledge. They will create their own portfolio with reflections on their learning and other resources and information.  

There will be an on-going evaluation of this course.

Teaching and Supervision

Components of the core training education programme include:

  • Trainees entering Psychiatry for the first time are mandated to attend a four day Core Skills Course to be completed within one month of their starting date.
  • Attendance is expected at the local programme of weekly academic meetings and weekly multidisciplinary case conferences as well as a programme of seminars and psychological therapy training.
  • A minimum of an hour per week is set aside by the Consultant for educational supervision, which is separate from clinical supervision.
  • Appraisal with the Educational Supervisor will take place at three and six months. Supervisors will complete a progress report at the end of the post.   
  • The Trainee will be encouraged to make appropriate use of the Study Leave entitlement.


Trainees are expected to:

  • Obtain training in psychotherapy during their appointment.
  • Liaise with their consultant to ensure they have experience of deliberate self harm assessment and liaison psychiatry during their training.
  • Use the e-portfolio to ensure they have the necessary evidence of progression to satisfy the annual ARCP panel. 



Psychotherapy training is provided throughout the programme. Please see Psychotherapy training information here.

Professional Development Unit

The professional development unit provides training in Leadership and Management, Educator and Training Development, specialty courses for trainees, and revision courses. For more information and to book online, please go to the professional development unit page.


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