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School of Psychiatry Contacts

Below is a list of all key contacts within the School of Psychiatry:

Role Name and Contact Details
Head of School Dr Amanda Taylor  
Programme Director
- Core Psychiatry
Dr Stephen Taylor
Programme Director
- Child & Adolescent

Dr Julie Waine


Programme Director
- Forensic

Dr Lisa Gardiner


Programme Director
- General Adult

Dr Jo Spoors


Programme Director
- Learning Disability
Dr Nicola Bailey
Programme Director
- Old Age
Dr Kavitha Babu


Education Programme Manager - Higher Psychiatry Specialties
(Wessex Local Office)

Sue Ksous
Phone: 01962 718434

Education Programme Officer - Core Psychiatry

(Wessex Local Office)


Lucy Wyatt
Phone: 01962 718565

Programme Coordinator
(Wessex Local Office)


Regional Advisor Dr Raghavendra Ramachandra

Psychotherapy Tutor

Based at Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust.

Dr Catherine Smith

College Tutors for CT1-3 Trainees:


Dr Maja Meerten


Dr Prem Jeyapaul

East Hampshire

Dr Martin Brown

Isle of Wight

Dr Richard Braithwaite

West Hampshire

Dr Cynthia Gil-Rios


Dr Kayode Osanaiye


Dr Anthony Gahan

Southampton Dr Ana Miorelli




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