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Higher Psychiatry ARCPs

Every year as a trainee you will have an Annual Review of Competence Progression meeting. This is your opportunity to demonstrate to the panel what you have achieved within the year and to discuss plan for the year ahead. This does require you to prepare your paperwork in advance to enable a constructive ARCP process.

The ARCP dates for 2020 have been confirmed as:

  • Wednesday 23 October 2019
  • Wednesday 15 January 2020
  • Summer 2020 dates TBC

The Wessex School of Psychiatry and Trainee committee have produced an ARCP Guide (pdf) which lists all the evidence you need to provide in preparation for your ARCP.

Higher Psychiatry Training

Psychiatric Supervisors Report and ARCP Educational Supervisors Summary Report must be completed on the e-portfolio.

The Royal College Guidance suggests that all higher trainees must complete a minimum of 12 workplace based assessments over the course of 12 months. The School advises trainees to discuss the type of workplace based assessments that are most suitable to your working environment.

Mini-PATs: if you have had two posts in the past 12 months you are advised to complete two mini-PATs, once for each placement. For trainees that have been in the same post for 12 months one mini-PAT needs to be completed.

For further guidance on each type of assessment please see the Royal College Guidance and curriculums for your specialities:


Revalidation – Higher Trainees

Revalidation is a process which all doctors must undergo within the timescales set out by the GMC, it is solely concerned with your Fitness to Practise in relation to your License to Practice. This process runs alongside your ARCP which means you are required to submit the following to the ARCP panel:

  • Enhanced Form R Parts A and B - This will need to be fully completed using an online PDF. Please access the form and revalidation guidance here.


At minimum all trainees must submit a Enhanced Form R. If you do not complete any additional work outside of training there is no need to complete this form.

For further information on Revalidation please see the FAQs.

Address: Southern House, Otterbourne, Winchester, Hampshire, SO21 2RU.



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