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The O&G School Board

The School of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, through its executive school board, is responsible for the local implementation of the relevant GMC approved specialty training programme(s). The school provides and co-ordinates high-quality training to enable the progression of trainees to CCT. It works in partnership with the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology which develop the specialty curricula. The school also works closely with the University of Southampton and Trusts.

The schools are responsible for selection and recruitment, supervision of the education process including assessment and implementation of the curricula. Quality monitoring and evaluation of training systems is undertaken using information from the GMC survey, hospital visits, the trainees representatives committee and information from trainee evaluation forms which are submitted prior to ARCPs. The provision of other educational resources including multiprofessional development opportunities are also key responsibilities.

The school board has representation from medical and non medical professionals. It includes

  • Head of School.
  • Programme Directors.
  • Specialty Programme Manager.
  • Head of midwifery representation.
  • Lead for the Consultant midwife training programme.
  • Academic representation.
  • Trainee representation.
  • Lay representation.
  • Subspecialty representation.
  • Maternity network representation.


The school also has a specialty training committee which has representation from all College Tutors across the Wessex area and trainee representation. The regional education programme is coordinated by trainee education fellows and they also report into the STC. The STC is chaired by the training programme director.

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