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Community Sexual and Reproductive Health

The CSRH Programme is available to medical practitioners who wish to specialize in the area of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (SRH). The programme develops the skills required to lead and manage the community based Sexual Health services of the future and lead large multidisciplinary teams.

The programme follows the CSRH curriculum and is divided into basic (years one to three), intermediate (years four to five) and advanced (year six) training. It comprises of basic training in Obstetrics and Gynecology and Sexual and Reproductive Health. Gynaecological competencies are maintained throughout training. Intermediate training extends the strand of Gynaecology and SRH; it includes unplanned pregnancy, abortion Care, Genitourinary Medicine, Public Health, Sexual Assault and Sexual Problems. Advanced Training is a year of completing all outstanding competencies but with opportunities for shadowing and preparing for a role as a consultant. Throughout the programme the trainee undergoes training in leadership and management.

In Wessex, the trainee spends initial 18 months in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Princess Anne Hospital, Southampton. During this time, trainee gets the opportunity to spend some time in CSRH clinics and achieve DFSRH. The trainee then spends at least two to three days in a fully integrated sexual health services in Portsmouth.

Modules are covered by block or half day attachment to other departments. The sexual health department provides in house training in contraception, GUM and Menopause. Unplanned pregnancy module is delivered through BPAS as BPAS is sub-contracted through Solent sexual health and there is an agreement to train CSRH trainees. The trainee is encouraged to work with local sexual assault referral centre after initial training in forensic medicine.

Trainee gets ample opportunity to be involved in audits and research projects. Service management is learned by shadowing the Clinical and Operational Directors in Clinical Governance and management meetings. Encouragement is given to participate in work of Faculty by applying to sit on a committee and also to join Solent Local negotiating committee as a trainee representative.

Please find the most recent list of Heads of Services for Community Sexual and Reproductive Health (Word) (May 2016).

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