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School of O&G Contacts

Below is a list of the key contacts within the School of Obstetrics and Gynaecology:

Role Name Email Address
Head of School Karen Brackley
TPD ST3-7 Alexander Taylor
TPD ST1-2 Katharine Backhouse

Programme Manager Sue Ksous

01962 718434

Programme Co-ordinator





Role Name Email Address
College Tutor Basingstoke Vanitha Kumar
College Tutor Bournemouth Rachana Dwivedi
College Tutor Dorchester Andrew Mukherjee
College Tutor Poole Charlie Baker
College Tutor Portsmouth Carol Munyame
College Tutor Salisbury Katharine Backhouse
College Tutor Southampton Sarah Walker
College Tutor Winchester Kerry Sargant
Deanery Ultrasound Co-ordinator Tatjana Nikisina
Deanery Simulation Lead Sameer Umranikar
ATSM Director Padma Eedarapalli


Please find the most recent list of Heads of Services for Community Sexual and Reproductive Health (Word) (May 2016).

For E-portfolio queries please contact either your local Education Centre or Charlotte Porter.bottom of page graphic

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