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Medical Microbiology, Virology and Infectious Diseases

A modern hospital microbiology and pathology laboratoryThe Wessex Deanery training programme for Speciality Registrars in Microbiology provides a training programme for a minimum of five years and to the award of a Certificate of Completion of Training , based on a rotation between Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust (two years), Portsmouth Hospitals Trust (two years) and the Royal Hampshire County Hospital, Winchester (one year). Trainees may start at any point within the rotation, dependent on availability of posts.This programme aims to provide a very high quality of Medical Microbiology training.

The Wessex Medical Microbiology Programme Description (Word) and the Infectious Dieseases (Word) and GIM Guidance are available to download.

Infectious Diseases curriculum mapping (Word) advice and guidance is also available to download.

The Training Hospitals

The regional teaching hospital is Southampton. At the current time, there are six training slots around the region.

To find out more about training in pathology, visit the  Royal College of Pathologists website. Important information on haematology and immunology can also be found on the Royal College of Physicians website.

The Wessex Deanery Curriculum Mapping document (Word) is available for downloading.

Training Rotations

The expected date of CCT will be defined at appointment and progression to each year of the programme will be subject to passing appropriate Royal College of Pathologists examinations and satisfactory annual assessment. The date for annual assessment will be notified in advance and all trainees must attend.

The Specialty Trainees will be based at one of:

  • Health Protection Agency South East Regional Laboratory, Southampton General Hospital.
  • Department of Microbiology St Mary’s Hospital, Portsmouth
  • Department of Microbiology Royal Hampshire County Hospital, Winchester
  • Department of Microbiology Basingstoke and North Hampshire NHS Foundation Trust

Placements rotate annually between sites.



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