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Images of a lab technician looking at a sample through a microscope, a tray of pathology lab sample containers and a woman using a pipette to fill eppendorf tubesSchool School of Pathology

The School of Pathology aims to produce high-quality clinicians who are ready to move into senior, clinical and academic positions at the end of their training. We aim to meet the challenges of the local healthcare environment by promoting excellence and providing the best trained doctors possible.

Pathologists study the causes of disease and the ways in which disease processes affect our bodies. Recognising the patterns that disease takes allows us to understand what's at the root of a problem, enabling accurate diagnosis. Following up this understanding helps treatments to be devised and preventative measures to be put in place.

The achievements of modern pathology include:

  • developing vaccines against major infectious diseases such as smallpox, diphtheria, polio, influenza and meningitis
  • enabling safe blood transfusion
  • managing the immune system for successful organ transplants;
  • monitoring drug treatment
  • establishing a tissue diagnosis and a prognosis in tumours and inflammatory diseases
  • pinpointing the genetic causes of disease.

Wessex School of Pathology focuses on top-level clinical, generic and academic training within the pathology specialties. Opportunities for subspecialty training exist in all of the pathology disciplines.

The School of Pathology recruits, trains and assesses over 30 trainees in the pathology specialties. Our programmes are designed to help trainees achieve the standards of the curricula set by the RCPath and the Royal College of Physicians. The specialties covered are:



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