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Wessex offers high quality Rheumatology training in a beautiful locations. Our training sites offer a comprehensive training experience, supported by a network of committed educational and clinical supervisors.

A doctor checks a patient's hand in hospital.

Our training days link to the rheumatology curriculum, ensuring a balance of theoretical and more practical knowledge, and the opportunity to get to know other trainees in the region, ensuring that your training will not only equip you to embark on a consultant career, but will be a sociable one as well.


When we asked our current trainees what they though of working in Wessex this is what they said:

  • Friendly and helpful
  • Supportive and approachable seniors
  • Nice size of local region 
  • Great Rheumatology training posts - good departments
  • Good (free) courses available through the local office 
  • Good research opportunities if doing an ACF/PhD/Clinical Lectureship
  • Good amount of connective tissue disease (CTD) experience
  • Interesting and useful training days


Our aim is to produce doctors who have the skill set to work effectively as Consultant Rheumatologists in the current NHS, and who have had the opportunity to develop specific areas of interest and expertise in their training that further enhance their job satisfactions, and make them competitive at appointment interviews.

Our trainees have an excellent track record in securing consultant posts. All benefit from an excellent training in all aspects of Rheumatology, including: connective tissue disease, inflammatory arthritis, metabolic bone disease and paediatric rheumatology, and many take up opportunities in academic rheumatology.

Where we provide training

We provide excellent training at the following hospitals:



For detailed information about Rheumatology at each hospital please download the Programme Description (pdf).

Other opportunities for trainees

All trainees are encouraged to undertake research projects during their training; a small proportion will undertake higher degrees under the supervision of researchers at the MRC Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit or other University of Southampton academics.

For more information on the research the MRC Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit (LEU) undertakes, please click here.

All trainees are encouraged to discuss their research aspirations when they meet the programme director (Professor Elaine Dennison) at induction; this allows us to put each trainee in touch with the right person/people early on in their rotation, to maximise opportunities.

While the MRC LEU hosts a large body of epidemiological research, numerous opportunities also exist for more basic science research, or experience in clinical trial work or systematic reviews.

The HEE WES local office also runs good management and teaching courses which can be found on the Workforce Learning and Development Team webpage.

In addition, Wessex offers medical education fellowships, which help some trainees take up lead educator positions at the end of training; Quality Improvement Fellowships, which develop a greater understanding of quality improvement within the NHS; and International Fellowships.

Is this right for you?

We are looking for motivated individuals, seeking high quality training in an excellent geographic location.

What to do next

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