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Renal Medicine

Our training programme operates as part of the Wessex Renal and Transplant Service (WRTS), providing on-the-job training in a wide spectrum of disease. You'll be supported by highly dedicated professionals and get the chance to pursue research opportunities too.

Image of a nurse caring for a kidney dialysis patientWe have nine posts on offer, with close supervision and teaching provided by a team of consultant nephrologists. Wessex has had a 100 per cent pass rate for the Renal SCE exam and our trainees usually go on to take up consultant posts. Our training aims for accreditation in General (internal) Medicine, which is provided in medical assessment units (MAUs) and attachments to specialties (currently cardiology, endocrinology and medicine for older people).

We also offer experience in transplantation and hypertension. The renal replacement programme maintains its peritoneal dialysis (PD) population, which offers excellent training in all types of dialysis (including catheter insertion). Much of the haemodialysis is provided off-site in satellite units and trainees are involved in satellite outpatient clinics. Our dynamic transplant team was one of the first centres in the UK to develop a successful non-heart-beating donor programme.

You wil be expected to participate in audit and educational programmes and there is ample opportunity to become involved in clinical research.

Where we provide training

General (internal) Medicine training is provided away from WRTS. Within Wessex, Queen Alexandra Hospital and University Hospital Southampton have busy dedicated MAUs providing acute services, and ITUs on both sites are active in training renal trainees.

For detailed information about Renal Medicine at both hospitals please download the Programme Description (pdf).

Other opportunities for trainees

We have offered out-of-programme opportunities to a large number of trainees seeking to do external research or training in intensive Care.

Many specialties also dual accredit with General Internal Medicine. There is a comprehensive programme of training days arranged throughout the year covering the G(I)M curriculum. The newly appointed Training Programme Directors for general medicine ensure that trainees fulfil the requirements for dual accreditation so that they are eligible to apply for Consultant posts requiring commitment to the medical on-call rota.

There is excellent experience of unselected medical on-call available throughout the region.

What makes Wessex different?

Our offer to you includes training and professional development plus special interest work, leadership development and management skills

Is this right for you?

If you've completed the essential requirements for the post of STR in renal medicine (including MRCP PACES ), and you're looking to achieve something over and above basic training in the fields of research, medical education or another sub-specialty Wessex could be for you.

What to do next

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