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GIM Assessments and PYA

General Information

Trainees who are dual accrediting in GIM will have their progress checked during their ARCP with their parent specialty on an annual basis, but the first separate GIM assessment they have is their penultimate year assessment. PYAs are generally carried out 12-18 months before the estimated CCT date and involve an in-depth assessment of progress against the curriculum by an external assessor. The final GIM ARCP may be carried out alongside the final parent specialty assessment, or separately if necessary.

James Pillinger organises the PYAs if you believe you are due to have a PYA but have not been invited to attend one you should contact James medicine.wx@hee.nhs,uk.

Evidence Required for PYAs

Trainees will receive an invitation letter listing the documentation required by Health Education Wessex, which will be at least the following:

  • Fully up to date E-portfolio including an Educational Supervisor's Report covering each post held since the last assessment and including specific information about GIM experience.
  • Up to date CV.
  • Revalidation-related documents as specified on the invitation.


The JRCPTB will contact trainees directly to request additional documentation, which is likely to include a summary of training calculator and a summary of clinical experience form. The most up to date templates will be attached to the email sent by the JRCPTB. Trainees may find it beneficial to start completing the summary of training calculator early in their specialist training in order to make it a less time-consuming task when they are invited to their PYA.

It is strongly recommended that trainees review the JRCPTB General (Internal) Medicine ARCP Decision Aid before each ARCP.

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