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General (Internal) Medicine

Many specialties dual accredit with General (Internal) Medicine. It is offered as a dual CCT specialty in Wessex, alongside Cardiology, Diabetes & Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Geriatric Medicine, Renal Medicine, Respiratory Medicine or Rheumatology.

There is a comprehensive programme of training days arranged throughout the year covering the
G(I)M curriculum. The newly appointed Training Programme Director for general medicine ensure that trainees fulfil the requirements for dual accreditation so that they are eligible to apply for Consultant posts requiring commitment to the medical on-call rota.

There is excellent experience of unselected medical on-call available throughout the region.

Doctor, surgeon standing next to a metal sink holding an open packet of soap.

For further information about the specialty please refer to the
RCP GIM webpage and the JRCPTB GIM webpage.



Please see these pages for a list of contacts:

School of Medicine Contacts

Specialty Specific Contacts

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