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Acting Up in CMT

The JRCPTB produced in September 2015 guidance on acting up for CMT and ACCS-AM trainees.

Before requesting permission from Health Education England, Wessex or the Training Programme Director please read below and complete the application form.

Do you meet the first few requirements to act up?

  • Is the trainee in their last 6 months of CMT training?
  • Has the trainee passed all parts of MRCP(UK)?
  • Is the trainee planning on acting up out of the following specialties – Respiratory, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Diabetes & Endocrinology or Geriatrics. If yes are they going to act up into this specialty?
  • Are all competencies all signed off


If all of the above is yes the following steps need to be followed:

1.     The trainee needs to complete the application form and send to the college tutor.

2.     The college tutor needs to write to the Training Programme Director coping in HR staffing at the Trust and the Programme Manager to request approval for the trainee to act up. The trainee's application form needs to be attached.

3.     The Training Programme Director will need to know the following:

  • Does the trainee meet all of the criteria?
  • What is the purpose of the acting up?
  • When the trainee is due to start acting up, how long for and into which post.


If approval is given by the Training Programme Director the Trust’s HR Department will need to temporarily re-badge the placement as a CMT post. The HR Department will need to inform the Training Programme Director and Programme Manager and they will seek permission from the Postgraduate Dean or Deputy Dean for approval.

Please see the application form and guidance below:Image of a nurse caring for a kidney dialysis patient


HEE Guidance and Application Form (PDF)

JRCPTB Guidance (PDF)




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