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Clinical Oncology

Our aim is to help you provide all aspects of non-surgical management of cancer as well as be a leader for change in the NHS. Health Education Wessex offers high-quality training at three major teaching hospitals and associated cancer units that will give you comprehensive experience in radiotherapy, chemotherapy and immunotherapy.

Image of two radiotherapists controlling a procedure on a cancer patientWe offer 12 posts on our five-year training programme. Our pass rates for the FRCR exams compare favourably with the national average and all our trainees have been appointed to substantive consultant posts on completion of CCT.

All posts within the training programme are in accordance with the standards for postgraduate training set by the Postgraduate Medical Education Training Board. The posts have a service element and cover the majority of duties; however, there will be minor variations in different hospitals.

Sub-speciality training, including higher training in advanced radiotherapy techniques, is available and we encourage trainees to pursue higher qualifications, ie MD, PhD and MSc in oncology.

Where we provide training

You will be rotated between hospitals where the major teaching takes place and associated cancer units. Posts rotate in the first week of May and November each year. The teaching hospitals are:


The cancer units are:


Other opportunities for trainees

Wessex encourages out-of-programme training at other cancer centres in the UK or overseas and recent trainees have undertaken fellowships in London, Canada, USA and Europe.

Research opportunities, including participation in clinical trials, are on offer at the Cancer Research facility at Southampton, while trainees also take part in several service improvement projects and we encourage you to contribute to clinical presentations and publications in national and international cancer journals.

Wessex promotes attendance at the London ICR oncology course during years 1 and 2.

What makes Wessex different?

Besides the flexible and targeted training, Wessex offers special interest work and you'll be encouraged to get involved in research, audit and teaching. We have a very strong tradition of promoting leadership development and management skills, plus we also offer opportunities to learn from monthly radiotherapy virtual MDTs, and to attend regional study days, audit days and journal clubs.

Is this right for you?

As well as fulfilling the RCR training requirements, you'll need to be self-motivated, flexible, conscientious and committed to clinical oncology.

What to do next

For more information about the programme please download the Programme Description (link in right-hand menu).


Please see these pages for a list of contacts:

School of Medicine Contacts

Specialty Specific Contacts

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