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Medicine CCT Date Queries

When is my CCT date?

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All trainees on ePortfolio can check the CCT date on the JRCPTB  record by looking on their Post/Supervisor Details page (under Profile). Trainees not on ePortfolio should check the most recent correspondence they have received from the JRCPTB or their last ARCP outcome form.


Your responsibilities

If there are any changes to your training programme which may affect your CCT date (eg out of programme experiences, parental leave) you must inform the JRCPTB and your Programme Coordinator.

How to calculate your CCT date

The JRCPTB has created a calculator that you can download from their Training and Certification FAQs page. The calculator also allows you to enter various percentages of whole time equivalent working if you are a LTFT trainee.

How to get your CCT date updated

For all Medicine Specialties we have created a CCT Calculator for each trainee, we update these whenever you inform us of any changes to your programme. If you would like to check your CCT date please email .

CCT Calculators are available for you to complete on the JRCPTB Website.

Clinical Oncology trainees who have queries about their CCT date should contact the RCR on

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