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ePortfolio for Medicine Trainees

A woman browsing the internet on a laptopAll trainees in medicine specialties must use ePortfolio to record their progress. This includes educational supervision records, supervisor reports, reflective notes, curriculum sign-off, and work place based assessments. It is important that your ePortfolio is kept up to date as it is used to monitor your progress during your placements and at the annual ARCPs.

Please note that you can now add posts and supervisors to your eportfolio.  If you are not  able to add a post to your portfolio it is likely because your programme end date needs to be updated, please email to adjust this.

If you have difficulty locating your supervisor please email your programme coordinator or officer so they can check your supervisor has the appropriate role assigned to them.

How-To Guides

We have produced the following guides which aim to cover the basic requirements and most common queries we receive.


JRCPTB ePortfolio Help

You will need to contact the JRCPTB ePortfolio team on if you have been locked out of your account.

Please also refer to the following pages on the JRCPTB's website for more information about access: and more FAQs:


RCR ePortfolio Help (Clinical Oncology trainees)

Clinical Oncology trainees will need to contact the RCR for additional ePortfolio support, rather than the JRCPTB. Please email

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