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School of Medicine & Pathology ARCP & ePortfolio Guidance


This page is to ensure that Medicine and Pathology trainees are aware of the specific requirements and resources available for their ARCP.

ARCP Panel


See our ARCP page which is universally applicable to all specialties and details all of the documents you need which are not school specific.


Decision Aids

  • The JRCPTB have created a page that includes every Medicine Specialty's ARCP Decision Aid which can be accessed here.
  • You can find the ARCP Decision Aid for Chemical Pathology here.
  • You can find the ARCP Decision Aid for Histopathology here.
  • You can find the ARCP Decision Aid for Clinical Oncology within this document (pdf).


In addition, there is also a JRCPTB ARCP Checklist to be used by Trainees & Educational Supervisors that can be accessed here (pdf).


Penultimate Year Assessment (PYA)

Please note, this does not include Clinical Oncology or Histopathology, who do not require PYAs.

PYAs usually take place between 18 months and 12 months before a CCT Date. Trainees are invited to these by the Medicine Team just like an ARCP. The Medicine Team will contact the JRCPTB to inform them which trainees are having a PYA. Trainees will receive an email from the JRCPTB with details of the additional requirements that need to be uploaded to eportfolio.

PYAs are led by an external assessor and often the majority of the evidence review is completed in the week preceding the meeting with the trainee. Therefore it is extremely important that documents are uploaded by the deadline set and can be easily located.

Trainees that are accrediting in General (Internal) Medicine (GIM) will have a have a separate PYA to their parent specialty. This will be attended by an External Assessor and one of the GIM Programme Directors. Therefore Dual-Accrediting trainees will have two PYA Reports.

The Medicine Team will notify you if an ARCP will take place at the same time as the PYA.

Once the PYA has been completed, a PYA report will appear within the 'Progression' tab on your ePortfolio.


Final ARCP

Final ARCPs have the same requirements as Annual ARCPs.

If you have had a PYA you must ensure all mandatory PYA targets have been met by your final ARCP.

If you are Dual-Accrediting in General (Internal) Medicine please ensure all mandatory PYA targets have been met for both specialties.

A GIM Programme Director will review each trainee's final ARCP, they will either be present at the parent specialty's Final ARCP or will review remotely. Therefore there will be two Final ARCP forms for trainees accrediting in GIM. Trainees must be awarded the same outcome for both specialties, meaning that all mandatory targets set must be met for both specialties in order to achieve an Outcome six. An Outcome five will be awarded for both specialties if there is missing evidence for at least one specialty.



All trainees must use their relevant ePortfolio to record their progress. This includes educational supervision records, supervisor reports, reflective notes, curriculum sign-off, and work place based assessments. It is important that your relevant ePortfolio is kept up to date as it is used to monitor your progress during your placements and at the annual ARCPs.

A woman browsing the internet on a laptopPlease note that you can now add posts and supervisors to your eportfolio.  If you are not  able to add a post to your portfolio it is likely because your programme end date needs to be updated. Please email your programme coordinator or officer so they can confirm your completion date and email the JRCPTB eportfolio team on your behalf.

If you have difficulty locating your supervisor please email your programme coordinator or officer so they can check your supervisor has the appropriate role assigned to them.

JRCPTB & RCR ePortfolio

RCPath LEPT ePortfolio


How-To Guides

  • For guidance on how to navigate and use the JRCPTB ePortfolio system, please click here.
  • For guidance on how to use the Pathology LEPT system, please click here.



NHS ePortfolio Twitter

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JRCPTB ePortfolio Help

You will need to contact the JRCPTB ePortfolio team on if you have been locked out of your account.

Please also refer to the following pages on the JRCPTB's website for more information about access: and more FAQs:


RCR ePortfolio Help (Clinical Oncology trainees)

Clinical Oncology trainees will need to contact the RCR for additional ePortfolio support. Please email


Pathology ePortfolio Help

Pathology trainees will need to contact the RCPath for assistance with the LEPT ePortfolio system. Please email:

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