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Occupational Medicine

The programme is based in Southampton General Hospital, with a once weekly placement undertaken during the second year of the programme at Health Management Limited, Ringmer, East Sussex. Clinics may also be carried out at the University of Southampton.

Occupational therapy at the Active Recovery Centre, support and mental health services. Close up of brushes in art class.University Hospitals Southampton NHS Foundation Trust is an acute tertiary referral centre and the Occupational Health department is located on the Southampton General Hospital site. The department includes a multi disciplinary team of Occupational Health Physicians, Occupational Health nursing and administrative staff and provides Occupational Health services to University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Universities of Southampton and Bournemouth in addition to a number of external clients.

The occupational medicine training programme at UHS is designed to deliver competencies set out in the Faculty of Occupational Medicine spiral curriculum. It is primarily NHS based with the opportunity for experience of occupational medicine in other sectors through the occupational health department’s external client base. External placements will also be arranged, including to another NHS Trust, to an external commercial OH provider and to the RAF.

For further information please download the Programme Description (pdf).


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