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Core Medical Training

Picture of three bloodtests in a paper kidney dishCMT aims to provide the core medical skills needed for ST3 trainees to safely supervise the acute medical on take, whatever their specialty.

Trainees will be allocated four or six month rotations through the major medical specialties to give training opportunities to obtain the necessary level of competence for CMT sign-off. Some rotations contain posts to give experience in medical specialties outside the traditional major five specialties and acute medicine. 

Trainees will follow the most up-to-date CMT curriculum and training experience will be recorded in the ePortfolio to assure that CMT competence has been achieved.

Hospitals on the Wessex CMT rotation include:


Further information about CMT at each of the above hospitals can be found on the CMT-Specific Hospital Information page.

There are also many opportunities to attend regional teaching sessions.


Please see these pages for a list of contacts:

School of Medicine Contacts

Specialty Specific Contacts

College Tutors

Job Title Name Contact Details
Basingstoke and Winchester College Tutor

Dr Andrea Norris

Dr Sam Gunatilake

Bournemouth College Tutor Dr Diane Laws
Dorchester College Tutor Dr Jo Taylor

Isle of Wight College Tutor Dr Mark Connaughton
Poole College Tutor Dr Ravi Punwani
Portsmouth College Tutor Dr Mike Stewart

Salisbury College Tutor Dr Susie Lewis

Southampton College Tutor



Dr Jas Dulay

Dr Beata Brown (Deputy)



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