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Quality Improvement Project (QIP)

The Quality Improvement Project is part of the Final FRCEM examination from August 2018 in place of the Clinical Topic Review. In Wessex we recommend everyone does a QIP from now on (although you can still choose a CTR until that date if you prefer).


Exclamation mark!There are no absolute rules about when you must do your QIP, but since the RCEM has made it possible to spread the burden of exams over the whole of higher specialist training we encourage you to take advantage of that by doing your QIP in ST4 – get started in the first three months.


The choice of topic is key to a good project. Many of you will already have ideas of Quality Improvement Work often growing from practice within your own department. Sources of ideas would be your Supervisors, your department’s recent yellow or green SUIs and M&M meetings. You must read the RCEM website for advice about what is acceptable as a QIP but you should anticipate that a good QIP will take a minimum of six -12 months to complete. (Length up to 6000 words). The College has produced a guide – which is essential reading.

Since this is a new element to the exam, we are providing training in QIP methodology. We have a QIP lead in each department and there are regular QIP “clinics” at WREMTA. The regional lead is Dr Sarah Morrish at Southampton: Also, see here for a really helpful website of previous projects set up by one of our trainees.

For further information on QIPs and other training issues please see our  Local Training Guide (pdf)


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