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Contact Information

Name and Title Contact Information
Dr Joanna Hartley - Head of School of Emergency Medicine & ACCS

Phone: 02392 286367

Mrs Anna Parsons - Emergency Medicine Programme Manager

Phone: 01962 718431

Ms Hannah Cowburn - Emergency Medicine Programme Co-Ordinator

Phone: 01962 718422

Dr Jude Reay - Training Programme Director for Higher Specialty Training

Dr Lee Gray - Training Programme Director for ACCS

Dr Adel Aziz - Training Programme Director for SAS Doctors

Dr Louisa Chan - Training Programme Director for SAS Doctors  

Dr Anne Welling - Consultant Nurse
Dr Iain Beardsell- Specialty Tutor, Southampton
Dr Chris Vorwerk - Specialty Tutor, Portsmouth

Dr Emma Christmas - Specialty Tutor, Basingstoke

Dr Adam Hughes- Specialty Tutor, Salisbury

Dr Brian Lockey - Specialty Tutor, Poole
Dr Andrew Brett - Specialty Tutor, Dorchester
Dr Peter Swallow - Specialty Tutor, Bournemouth
Dr Lianne Geddes - Trainee Representative HST
Dr Crystal Collings - Trainee Representative HST
Dr Rachel Harrison - Trainee Representative LTFT


Course Leads

Name & Course title Contact Information       
Dr Jay Chitinis  - Critical Appraisal Course Director
Dr Michael Kiuber - Ultrasound Course Director
Dr Sarah Morrish - Quality Improvement Project Lead
Dr Ben Atkinson - Regional Simulation Lead

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