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ST3 Year

Your ST3 year will be based in your base specialty, for Anaesthetic / Acute Medicine / ICM trainees please see the relevant specialty pages.

For EM you will spend this transitional year in either Portsmouth or Southampton. Both have large Paediatric workloads with excellent support.

The aim is to gain both Paediatric and Musculoskeletal experience as well as preparing for life as a registrar at ST4. This year will give you much exposure to paediatric cases in Resus/ ED and out patient settings as well as on the ward.

Whilst we are not specific about numbers of cases seen (quality of training probably more important than quantity) we expect full time trainees to see over 650 cases per annum as well as working through the Workplace Based Assessments. It is also an opportunity to work through the Ultrasound competencies and FCEM exams - having the Intermediate exam is needed to progress to ST4.

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