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Post Fellow of the Royal College of Anaesthetists (FRCA) Training Days

Post FRCA Regional Teaching Days

(six days/year)

Aimed at: Senior trainees in anaesthesia and ICM who have completed the FRCA exam. Content: 1/2 day clinical topics relevant to the senior anaesthetic trainee + 1/2 day non-clinical topics including professionalism, NHS structures, NHS management, clinical governance, roles and responsibilities of the new consultant, quality improvement and patient safety.

In accordance with the Wessex commitment to teaching and education, trainees within the local office who have successfully completed the FRCA are invited to attend Post-Fellowship teaching around the region. There are approximately six days per year which are rotated between trusts within the local office and where possible avoid clashes with national holidays, prominent local and national courses and examination dates.

The POST-FRCA committee oversee and facilitate the provision of teaching, the dates of which are advertised  in the Wessex newsletter, Facebook trainee page and through the local office email. This teaching has the entire support of the local office with particular attention from Dr Jon Chambers.

Organisation locally is provided by a senior trainee and respective college tutor at each site. Topics are rotated annually to avoid repetition and are aimed at both higher/advanced level training and the areas of the curriculum which are hard to cover in other ways, for example Appendix G.

The style and format of the day is aimed at enabling trainees to transition and develop personally and professionally, preparing them for example for senior supervision or managerial roles, quality/service improvement, CCT/CV preparation and consultant interviews


2019 POST-FRCA Teaching proposed dates and topics


  • Salisbury - Team working - Monday 9th September
  • Southampton - Tuesday 12th November




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